a boost of happiness

Why is the news so full of doom and gloom? In the past couple of days I’ve read about the ongoing oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, an English shooter who went on a killing rampage, two people being killed in a motorbike crash, and a pedestrian being hit by a truck. It’s no wonder why my parents never let me watch the news as a kid. What responsible parent would subject their child to these type of stories.

Compare that to the Motueka Guardian newspaper my friend sent me this week — now that was pleasant reading.  The front page story was about the Quilters Group making cushions for a charity supporting children with heart conditions. Page three was about the Vanuatuan seasonal fruit pickers’ farewell party organised by a local. And page six was a story about a Mum who’s knitted slippers for all the kids in her son’s class. Why? Because she thought it was better for them to have warm feet [in class] during winter. I was unable to find anything resembling bad news in the entire 20 pages!

Now I know it’s good to keep up with current affairs but why the need to fill up the “six pm slot” with so much bad stuff. The big papers should have a chat with their rural editor counterparts and give their papers a makeover. Get a dose of that wonderful small town community spirit approach to life and start writing more feel-good and happy stories.

Just think of the spin off.  They’d provide a bundle of positiveness into everyone’s ‘morning coffee and news’ habit and I’m sure we’d all be better off (well emotionally at least).


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