Such a sense of community 🙂

I have just returned from the Gold Coast Bridge Congress, a gathering of 2,500 people who just want to play bridge. We, my bridge partner A and I, never expected to come first as we are only novice players, but we came out better than expected.

We went in ranked 28 out of 35 and finished 22nd! As you can imagine we were very pleased with our result.

But what was even nicer was the encouragement from the more experienced players who belong to our club. At least once a day, someone from our club would find us and ask after our progress. We were a bit shaky to start with but got nothing but encouragement from our club members. Such a sense of community, and something I have not seen from our club before.

So thanks everyone for the support, we had a blast and will be back next year.


One Response to community

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and had a lovely break from the big smoke! I remember the days when you first started Bridge, and even just picking up a new nugget of gold was a wonderful achievement. Now you’re on fire 🙂

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