cycling at stupid o’clock

cyclistI was lucky enough to have a post-ride chat with my coach today. I got into road cycling about ten months ago but only started taking it seriously when I upgraded to a carbon bike. I’ve accomplished a lot of firsts lately – my first 130 km ride a few weeks ago, an imperial century on Wednesday (161 km), and all going well, my first ride up Mt Mee on Sunday.

I ride with some amazing people and they come from all walks of life – teachers, scientists, IT guru’s, nurses, lawyers and the list goes on. They are a super bunch of ladies and men who are all really supportive and encouraging. Added to this mix is our amazing coach, Pete. Think of me like a sponge – I soak up every bit of advice people give me, especially him. He’s taught me technique and is turning me into a faster & stronger cyclist. He never overburdens me with too much information. Often it’s a simple “you need to change XYZ when you are going up a hill” or “I want you to start concentrating on doing ABC when you are out by yourself.”

And I am learning that cycling is as much of a mental challenge as a physical one. Like when my head tells me I can’t keep up or get up that hill, I just tell myself to shut up and get up that f*£$%n hill … and I do.

But the highlight of this morning’s ride was when one of Pete’s friends tells him “gosh those ladies ride well”and he responds with “yip, those are my girls”.

Feeling really blessed today 🙂

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