There are many things I should be doing on a rainy day, but one thing I do enjoy is making cards. I’m not into fancy gizmo’s like the cuttlebug or having boxes full of expensive punches that make pretty holes in paper. I stick to the basics: a steel builders ruler, my ProEdge craft knife and 220gsm card. I buy embellishments wherever I can find them – Spotlight, Lincraft, Kmart, and the $2 Shop just to name a few.

All it takes is a bit of imagination and the willingness to try something new. Take your piece of card, fold it over and put it in front of you. Add a bit of that fancy ribbon you found in your junk drawer, put a strip of colour card down the side, stick on one of fancy stickers that caught your eye, add some bits of coloured paper and before you know it you’ve finished your first card.  Some of your new creations may not be that flash but like fine wine, your creative ideas will improve with time.


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