I thought a natural progression from blogging would be to start writing short stories.  So I put pen to paper, well fingers to the keyboard actually, and started writing a story called Turning Point (quite badly I might add).  I’ve since come to the conclusion that I should stick to my blog and leave the short stories to the experts.

Over the fence
A romantic, true short story about two people I know. It’s a true story but some elements have been ever so slightly exaggerated.

Smile when you remember
A short memoir I wrote about my Mum.

3 Responses to writing

  1. luntiangbuto says:

    Hey, I read your memoir for your Mum. Your remembrance of her was really touching. I’m sure she’s proud of how her daughter has become from where she’s looking at.

    Keep on writing! 😀

    I’ve been to Auckland before and really enjoyed the garden near the museum there esp. since there was a warm garden and a cold garden. I’m from a tropical country so I was only familiar with the warm garden. It was cool to see both there and check-out the differences.

  2. Peter Weis says:

    Just keep writing. My writing is the greatest but their is only one way to get better. If you haven’t read Stephen King’s book “On Writing” you should it will open up your eyes to all the writing he did before he found success. The longest non fiction I’ve been able to write and not hate what I wrote has been about 2-3 pages.

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