weird ways with rubberbands

As I have previously mentioned, I save rubberbands. I thought I’d search the internet and see what other people use them for.  Here is a selection of the more bizarre suggestions:

  • make a rubberband gun to shoot down those pesky flies
    Really? Have you not heard of flyspray?
  • wind a rubberband around a candle to stop the wax from dripping onto the table
    Umm, so what should I do with my candlestick holders?
  • loop one end of the rubberband through the button hole and then slip the other end over the button to gain an extra inch in your skirt
    Or better still, don’t say yes to that second helping of dessert
  • use different coloured rubberbands instead of ribbon to wrap up your christmas presents
    Are they actually serious about this suggestion?
  • wrap a rubberband around a sliced apple to stop it from going brown.
    It would be much better to just eat the apple
  • make a rubberband ball
    Find coloured ones so you can create at least some excitement and variety while making your ball

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