a struggle of wills

I have been watching with interest, a tug of war of wills that is playing out at work. A couple of weeks ago two people in our office (both with very strong personalities) had an argument in the office. Our office is open plan and as I work in the Finance team, it’s usually a quiet office – not so this particular day.

One of them came up to me afterwards and asked me whether I heard the exchange. I confirmed that yes unfortunately the whole office had heard it. “Well that was my intention” was the reply. Hardly the best thing to say but hey*shrug*,  each to their own.

The incident took place on a Friday, and it took them until the following Thursday before they next spoke to each other. That is quite a feat considering they sit next to each other. Both have gone separately to my Manager to complain about the attitude of the other but neither will get traction or the “support” they are seeking. They are both adults, working in a professional environment and they need to work out their differences or at least find a way of working together in an amicable manner.

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