a struggle of wills

February 17, 2015

I have been watching with interest, a tug of war of wills that is playing out at work. A couple of weeks ago two people in our office (both with very strong personalities) had an argument in the office. Our office is open plan and as I work in the Finance team, it’s usually a quiet office – not so this particular day.

One of them came up to me afterwards and asked me whether I heard the exchange. I confirmed that yes unfortunately the whole office had heard it. “Well that was my intention” was the reply. Hardly the best thing to say but hey*shrug*,  each to their own.

The incident took place on a Friday, and it took them until the following Thursday before they next spoke to each other. That is quite a feat considering they sit next to each other. Both have gone separately to my Manager to complain about the attitude of the other but neither will get traction or the “support” they are seeking. They are both adults, working in a professional environment and they need to work out their differences or at least find a way of working together in an amicable manner.

standing my ground

May 24, 2014

I have restarted this about five times and even now I don’t know whether I should have hit the publish button.

I had a situation recently whereby my integrity was compromised. I had been asked to provide some sensitive information that was not yet in the public arena and I said no. Infact I had to say no a couple of times.

Am I being too precious – I hope not. I’m an Executive Assistant so am often aware of things that are not common knowledge. As such, I have mastered the art of “I don’t know sorry” or “that’s not for me to say” when asked about a confidential matter. Most of the time it allows me to extract myself while giving the other person the opportunity to save face.

I’ve learnt it’s a hazard of the job being pumped for information. Some people are subtle about it, others are not. At the end of the day, I just need to toughen up and continue standing my ground.

the black dog

February 9, 2014

It’s never much fun when that old black dog comes for a visit. It’s hard to work through and even harder to talk about.

I should have done something when I saw it creeping up on me but as per normal, I buried my head in the sand hoping to work through it. Perhaps if had followed my doctor’s advice, I would not find myself in this little hole. She was hesitant when I suggested I decrease my happy pills dose but agreed to let me give it a go. Bad, bad move on my part when I dropped the dose further still without telling her.

I have had some serious conversations in my head around what set me off this time and I have increased my dose back to what the doctor told me it should be. Why did it happen … the details are not relevant but mix together my obsessive-compulsive tendency and inability to control certain aspects of my life, and the result is a meltdown. Teary, red-eyed, runny nosed meltdown.

It would be okay if it was a five minute wonder, but unfortunately these meltdowns take longer than five minutes to run their course. But I have had two tear-free days in a row which is positive. A very good friend of mine told me that crying is a good thing, cos it means you are losing water and therefore it is a good weight loss exercise.

So I hit the proverbial rock bottom and am looking upwards. It will mean some open and honest conversations over the next week which won’t be easy but will need to happen.