hacker zero, me one

One up for the computer nerd here this evening.

My friend told me today her daughter had been hacked and had not had any emails since 28 April. She gave me her log in details and I told her I would have a look.

The naughty person from Kabul who had hacked her account had set up an auto-forward so any new emails were forwarded to a new bogus email account. They then sent out a “plea for money” email and then deleted her contacts list.  The daughter then worked out she had been hacked, changed her password and the notification was then sent to the bogus email account. With a simple “this was not me” notification to Yahoo, they then had control.

So I reversed all this out, changed the password ( try and guess it this time naughty Kabul hacker person!), and hopefully she is good to go.

Will check again tomorrow just to be sure.




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