I’m told you’re more likely to commit to a goal if you share it. So in the interests of accountability, from 2010 to 2013 I kept a log of my progress towards my NZ Diploma in Business. I graduated with my NZDipBus in February 2013. I completed 12 papers while working full time, and managed three certificates of academic merit (highest grade in NZ) for Information Systems Management, Applied Computing, and Strategic Planning for Small Business

  1. Business communication
  2. Accounting principles
  3. Introduction to banking & insurance
  4. Business computing
  5. Fundamentals for small business
  6. Strategic planning for small business
  7. Organisation & Management
  8. Introduction to Commercial Law
  9. Information Systems Management
  10. Applied Computing
  11. Applied Management
  12. Fundamentals of Marketing

And what now … I volunteered and am now the secretary for my local bridge club. Lots of room to improve things so that should keep me occupied for a while.

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