a nice ride

March 21, 2015

I had the nicest experience this morning when I was out for my ride. Saturday and Sunday I take my bike out and do my Redcliffe route. It’s about 65km and a gorgeous scenic ride by the seaside. I was bunny hopping with a group of about seven riders this morning when J rolled up beside me at a red light and asked if I wanted to join them.

“Brisbane chicks who ride bikes” is a social group of all females plus one husband who ride socially.  J who rode with me gave me lots of good advice. Apparently I had all my gears wrong so by the time she had finished, I was speeding along with no more effort than normal. And one must always remember to keep the lead in your heels – that means pushing down with your heel, not your toes! Who would have known.

It probably does not sound like much to you, but I was really chuffed they slowed up and invited me along. I may yet become one of those lycra clad people supping coffee on a Saturday morning (except I will be the one drinking tea).

hybrid vs road bike

October 23, 2014

My lovely Giant ladies hybrid bike is 15 months old and I finally took the plunge today and bought myself a road bike.

I had to go to the 99 Bikes  store a few weeks ago and thought I would check out my options. I asked the sales man how long before people upgrade to a road bike? His response was “when you are fed up with going slow and having everyone pass you!”  Well that was me!

So I bypassed the “want vs need” argument and splashed out on a shiny new Merida road bike. It’s black and white and purple and really cool (well I think so anyway). I  took it for a spin tonight and what a difference … very speedy 🙂 The real test will be Saturday when I can see how far and how fast I manage to travel.