a nice ride

March 21, 2015

I had the nicest experience this morning when I was out for my ride. Saturday and Sunday I take my bike out and do my Redcliffe route. It’s about 65km and a gorgeous scenic ride by the seaside. I was bunny hopping with a group of about seven riders this morning when J rolled up beside me at a red light and asked if I wanted to join them.

“Brisbane chicks who ride bikes” is a social group of all females plus one husband who ride socially.  J who rode with me gave me lots of good advice. Apparently I had all my gears wrong so by the time she had finished, I was speeding along with no more effort than normal. And one must always remember to keep the lead in your heels – that means pushing down with your heel, not your toes! Who would have known.

It probably does not sound like much to you, but I was really chuffed they slowed up and invited me along. I may yet become one of those lycra clad people supping coffee on a Saturday morning (except I will be the one drinking tea).


March 1, 2015

Such a sense of community 🙂

I have just returned from the Gold Coast Bridge Congress, a gathering of 2,500 people who just want to play bridge. We, my bridge partner A and I, never expected to come first as we are only novice players, but we came out better than expected.

We went in ranked 28 out of 35 and finished 22nd! As you can imagine we were very pleased with our result.

But what was even nicer was the encouragement from the more experienced players who belong to our club. At least once a day, someone from our club would find us and ask after our progress. We were a bit shaky to start with but got nothing but encouragement from our club members. Such a sense of community, and something I have not seen from our club before.

So thanks everyone for the support, we had a blast and will be back next year.


a struggle of wills

February 17, 2015

I have been watching with interest, a tug of war of wills that is playing out at work. A couple of weeks ago two people in our office (both with very strong personalities) had an argument in the office. Our office is open plan and as I work in the Finance team, it’s usually a quiet office – not so this particular day.

One of them came up to me afterwards and asked me whether I heard the exchange. I confirmed that yes unfortunately the whole office had heard it. “Well that was my intention” was the reply. Hardly the best thing to say but hey*shrug*,  each to their own.

The incident took place on a Friday, and it took them until the following Thursday before they next spoke to each other. That is quite a feat considering they sit next to each other. Both have gone separately to my Manager to complain about the attitude of the other but neither will get traction or the “support” they are seeking. They are both adults, working in a professional environment and they need to work out their differences or at least find a way of working together in an amicable manner.