camaraderie in catering

September 13, 2014

I had a very enjoyable blast back to my past today. Where catering for Crown Forestry Rental Trust functions or on a marae was second nature. Where we had lots of laughs while makes piles and piles of sandwiches, cutting up fruit for platters, and making and heating up trays of savouries. Where the time always flew by and you were surrounded by friends.

Our Bridge Club is hosting the GNOT (Grand National Open Teams) zone finals. It’s a room full of very serious bridge players playing for two solid days. And having to concentrate for that long makes for very hungry players. So the tables are laden up with plates of yumminess and within five minutes, all that is left are crumbs and screwed up napkins. It’s like a wave of people come through, sweeping up everything in sight.

But it’s fun and because I enjoyed it so much, I am going back to help tomorrow.


chocolate in church

April 12, 2014

I confess it is not the first thought that pops into my head when thinking about chocolate, but the Cathedral next door to where I work is making a stand this Easter.

You see, because they are unable to source sufficient chocolates from certified slavery-free countries at a reasonable price, they will not be buying any Easter eggs. This means means no chocolate eggs for any parishioners or visitors on Easter Monday. I applaud their moral stand but I think it will take a lot more action before the big retailers buy into the same ethical standards.

It also begs the question – will we ever truly know where all our food comes from? Are those vegetables really organic and spray free? Were those chickens cage free? Did we pay those seasonal fruit pickers more than the minimum wage?

Too too many questions – never enough answers. But I suppose as long as each of us makes our ethical stand about something, then combined with everyone else it does make a difference.

do you want s’more

June 30, 2012

I’ve been quite puzzled lately because I’ve read two novels by different authors and have come across multiple references to a s’more.  It was even on Pinterest. In each case these s’mores were being eaten at a beach BBQ or while camping.

Because I was so clueless I tracked it down on the internet. They are a sweet, messy dessert treat devoured by kids young and old. Their name comes from the phrase “can I have some more“. While there are many recipes on offer, they all come with the same three ingredients:  two sweet plain biscuits, chocolate, and marshmellows.

You then use these to make a sandwich. Place your chocoate onto one biscuit, toast your marshmellow(s) over the bbq or campfire then slide off onto the chocolate. Top with the second biscuit and there you have your s’more. The toasted marshmellow melts the chocolate and you’re left with a googy, messy, sugar hit. It must be an American thing because I never had one during any of my childhood camping trips but the Girl Scouts knew all about it apparently 🙂