feeling thankful

January 20, 2015

To coin a phrase (or prompt) from Facebook, I’m feeling thankful.

I had a bit of car trouble over the weekend. Nothing serious, just inconvenient and left me without wheels for a couple of days. But thank goodness I willingly pay my annual membership to RACQ (Royal Automobile Club of Queensland).

A cheerful young man arrived on Monday morning, right on time and quickly got my little car started for me. He did not bother with technical explanations – I wouldn’t have understood them anyway but he gave me simple, practical advice to pass onto my mechanic.

Good customer service should be acknowledged and RACQ have been good to me since I shifted here. And for someone who expects the car to start whenever I turn the key – I am very grateful for the service they provide.


size matters

January 4, 2015

We are usually told that size matters and this rule also applies to cars or so it seems.

Over the Christmas break I went and visited a friend who lives a couple of hours north-west of me. Now I only drive a little car, a Hyundai Getz to be precise. He (Racing Ramsay) will never win the Grand Prix but he gets me from A to B.

But what amuses me the most is that when I am out driving the bigger cars (that’s everyone!) have to pass me. Even when I am doing the speed limit or just over, they still have to be in front of me.  After all it would not be seemly to be following a “shopping trolley”.

No matter though, I’ll be hard pressed to be caught speeding and I can always sneak into the little car park spaces.

I am grateful for …

December 24, 2014

In a world that seems to be full of unnecessary death and violence, it’s time to stop and count my blessings.

I’m grateful I have a roof over my head to keep the rain away.

I’m grateful I have a well paid job and that I enjoy what I do.

I’m grateful I have many good friends who always watch out for each other.

I’m grateful I have a pantry full of food and the means to buy fresh fruit and vegetables whenever I want.

I’m grateful I have the means to give Christmas presents and see that a little thoughtfulness can make someone smile.

I’m grateful I am healthy in mind, body and spirit.

I’m grateful I have quiet, friendly neighbours.

I’m grateful I do not want for anything.

I’m grateful I have family nearby who always make me feel welcome.

And I’m grateful the magic of Christmas can put a smile on any face.