the wannabe cyclist

I have two new loves. The first is Murtle – my new Merida road bike, and the second is my pair of padded cycle pants.

In some respects, starting my cycling journey has been like joining a new club when you were at college – where you are judged by your possessions and what you wear.  When I used to cycle on my hybrid,  95% of my fellow cyclists would pass me by without a peep. But now on my new bike and wearing the right gear, I get a ‘morning’ or a nod or a hand wave from most of the people I see.

It’s been quite entertaining seeing the change in attitude. But I haven’t changed my riding habits, I still say hi to people and try to stay out of the way of the speedy serious cyclists. I am improving too and did 63km today so feeling quite chuffed.

I even had some guy tell me I had good rear lights yesterday. Not sure if he was serious but it did make me smile.


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