always learning

I play Bridge, okay most of the time given I am a novice player, but I always try my best. My regular partner, A, is away so I had to find myself a replacement. Finding a replacement is always a lesson in humility. You have to put yourself “out there” and hope that someone might say yes. It’s even harder to do when you are a Novice!

So on my third request, I found someone who would play with me. I was very lucky as she is a really good player. But more importantly I would have the chance to learn. And learn I did.

Thankfully I did not disgrace myself and I picked up some good tips (clearing the table so dealer cannot rough, negative doubles to show the majors, and always [always, always] counting off-suits).

And to top off the afternoon, we placed in the top three. Even though that was great, it was more important that I learnt something that I can apply to future games. So feeling  happy … quite happy.


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