camaraderie in catering

I had a very enjoyable blast back to my past today. Where catering for Crown Forestry Rental Trust functions or on a marae was second nature. Where we had lots of laughs while makes piles and piles of sandwiches, cutting up fruit for platters, and making and heating up trays of savouries. Where the time always flew by and you were surrounded by friends.

Our Bridge Club is hosting the GNOT (Grand National Open Teams) zone finals. It’s a room full of very serious bridge players playing for two solid days. And having to concentrate for that long makes for very hungry players. So the tables are laden up with plates of yumminess and within five minutes, all that is left are crumbs and screwed up napkins. It’s like a wave of people come through, sweeping up everything in sight.

But it’s fun and because I enjoyed it so much, I am going back to help tomorrow.


One Response to camaraderie in catering

  1. Oh I remember the days of CFRT foodie prep! Its was a lovely time to bond and time just flew. I actually miss that!

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