still out cycling

I was surprised to see that I have nearly had my new bicycle for 12 months. I still really enjoy getting out on a Saturday and Sunday and exploring new places.

To start with, I could only cope with about 30 minutes before my thighs and backside were screaming at me to stop. But I broke through the one hour (mental) barrier a few months ago and today I was out for just over one and a half hours.

My latest route takes me out past the international airport terminal and, lucky for me, most of it is on bike-only tracks or quiet roads.  But I am beginning to understand the vehicle drivers frustrations with cyclists. Today two groups of riders passed me. Whereas I was well over to the left hand side of the cyclist only lane (which was nearly as wide as the vehicle lane), both groups that passed me were three a breast and taking up half the car lane. No wonder cyclists get a bad name – there was no reason for them to be in the car lane at all.

Oh well, all I can do is keep making sure I abide by the road rules and have my bike lights flashing brightly.


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