some encouragement

It’s always nice to get a bit of encouragement. I bought a bicycle a few months ago and always manage to get out for a ride a couple of times each week. And if I am not cycling, then I am out walking.

As it’s the middle of summer, I always exercise early and today I set off just before 6am. My favourite track takes me out along the Kedron Brook Waterway and round the back of a local golf club. Compared with all the lycra clad men that pass me, I am a turtle. But I get along at a decent pace and enjoy myself.

When I was out this morning when yet another person passed me, one slowed down and told me early morning cycling was the best. I agreed, even if I was the slowest one out! As he sped up he called back “yeah but at least you are out doing it!”

Who doesn’t like to be on the receiving end of some encouraging words. Usually the most I hear from the lycra men is “passing right” as they whizz right by me.


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