a helping hand

Technology, which you and I take for granted, is a little more challenging for some. An elderly dear at the bridge club came to see me this morning asking for my help with her disability parking permit. Government department correspondence – need I say more? We managed to work out what they wanted and she went away happy.

Next a timid knock on the office door. “Do you think you could copy this for me?” “Go right ahead” was my response but she didn’t even know where to put the piece of paper – bless.

So two happy customers in one morning. And add to that my good Samaritan act of posting back a lost GoCard (train pass) last week that I found on the footpath. Hopefully some person breathed a sign of relief to have their travel money card returned to them untouched.

I love the way you can do things, even little things, that help other people. Being helpful doesn’t cost anything, but being able to put a genuine smile on someone’s face – well that’s real nice.  Wouldn’t it be great if every person, every day, did one nice thing for a stranger …


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