fitbit one review

kiwiflossnz footprintsMy favourite Nike Plus Sportsband is dying a slow death but it has done me proud over the last two years. It’s been given a heap of use so I can not complain.

So I treated myself to an early birthday present. I bought a Fitbit One and it’s really cool.

It’s small. Like really small (think “clip onto your bra” small). There is no need for a receiver in your shoe (sorry Nike), it wirelessly syncs to my laptop and mobile, and tracks everything from steps to calories to sleep patterns. And because it has fancy “accelerometer and altimeter technology”, it can tell how many flights of stairs I have climbed, or the equivalent if I’m walking up a hill.

And you have to love the positive reinforcement. I only bought it yesterday and already I have been sent two medals:-

  • Groovy, you’ve climbed 25 flights of stairs today
  • Congrats! You’ve walked 10,000 steps today

I think I will get sick of the email messages clogging up my inbox before I lose interest in my new toy. But then I always have been a bit of a nerd when it comes to cool little toys.


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