2013 bridge to brisbane

Another first for me, albeit a comedy of errors.

I was asked to fill in for an injured work colleague in the HR Huff & Puff Team taking part in the 2013 Bridge to Brisbane (and yes I had that emblazoned across my chest). Getting to the start line along with over 40,000 other people took a bit of forward thinking. I’d planned on taking the train into town and catching the ferry back out to Portside – only to remember the trains are not running this weekend. So Dad came to the rescue and dropped me off.

My work friends, who were catching the City Cat ferry to Portside, got turned away by the ferry operators 😦  The City Council must have seriously underestimated the number of people who would catch public transport today!

So as a result I did the race by myself. I never managed to find my friends and I’m not even sure they made it to the start line. But despite that, I finished the 5km walk in a respectable 44 minutes. It was a fun event and Brisbane put on a stunning day – and I’m pleased I remembered the sunscreen.


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