wellington earthquakes

The place I called home for the last 20 years is currently being shaken by more large earthquakes. Centred close to Seddon, it started with a magnitude 6.5 quake on July 21 and the usual aftershocks. They were then rocked again yesterday afternoon with a 6.6 quake and over 40 magnitude 4.0 or higher since then. That’s scary even for a seasoned Wellingtonian!

I feel guilty at the relief of not having to experience them – they are certainly something I was glad to leave behind when I left NZ.

But it does not stop me worrying about my friends who live there. Thank goodness for Facebook, because even if they are not happy status updates, they are updates nonetheless. Broken glass from a picture hung on a wall can replaced … people can’t.

The city was in gridlock with people trying to get home last night. One guy I used to work with picked up two total strangers and drove them out to the airport so they could catch their flight back to the US. It’s hearing about those sort of random acts of kindness that restore my faith in humanity.

So although I am not there, my thoughts are with everyone who is. Kia kaha my friends and whanau – you will get through this xoxo


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