you just have to go

My auto-signature at the bottom of my email has been giving me the guilts and telling me I need to decide whether to pick up the keyboard again. I had a good reason to stop – lots of study, no spare time, settling into a new job, trying to find myself.

Well I have run out of excuses and I have found myself – I was not really lost in the first place. So the keyboard has been metaphorically dusted off. I still like the luxury of posting random thoughts, so the humdrum & epiphanies will continue.

My newest fitness craze is cycling, my knees are too old for running but I still clock up lots of miles walking. After being passed by about 60 speedy cyclists yesterday morning on the Morton Bay Cycleway, I kept reminding myself of 99Bikes poster in their front window.

You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go.

However, on a good note, I did not embarrass myself and fall off! It has been many years since I rode a real bike … the wobbles are nearly gone and I’m loving the new found freedom.


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