DiY at home

The dilemma of trying to be a DiY’er with those pesky jobs around the home. My most memorable problem since shifting in was a leak! First I thought it was the roof… well that’s the logical place one would assume a leak starts especially after overnight rain.

Fortunately for me my roof was fine. The problem was the result of the delivery men not screwing the hoses on tight enough when they installed my washing machine. Hence a slow steady seep of water running down the back of the machine and ending up as a puddle at the front of my washing machine.

Not to be outdone by a washing machine, Dad gave me some plumbers tape which I put on. I then did my usual weekend washing and … more water. So I mopped up and hit Google. It appears I wound the tape on the wrong way! I did wonder why the tap fitting kept coming loose. So this little Ms DiY tried the other way and wahoo – success.


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