USB drive is kaput

Certainly not a good way to start a day of study but you can imagine my horror when I plugged my USB drive and it told me “this removable drive is not recognised, do you want to reformat the drive now?”

The answer was a definite NO as it had all my study notes, my research report, my survey analysis, my interview notes, and half a marketing assignment on there. This is the second time it’s happened to me … perhaps because I do not “safely remove hardware & eject media”. I learnt my lesson last time and always back up to my laptop every few days but unfortunately I’d got a bit slack in that department as well. The back up was three weeks old 😦 Three weeks of heavy assessment drafting, hours of internet research, and hours of reading and summarising chapters of my textbook.

So in the middle of my meltdown I was slightly heartened by a techy article telling me that even if a CMD / chkdsk returns a “raw drive” result, the files would still be there somewhere. Eventually I found a brilliant piece of software called ZAR (Zero Assumptions Recovery) which purportedly retrieves as many files as it possibly can. The demo version did not unlock the files I really needed but $60 was a small price to have the essential ones retrieved. The relief was an understatement … try [a couple of expletives] + relief so I will definitely be buyng a lotto ticket this week! Thanks ZAR I highly recommend you 🙂

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