I am no fool

I may be a female, but I am no fool and I really dislike it when tradesmen try to take advantage of your apparent lack of knowledge.

I received an email yesterday from the property management company asking the Body Corporate Committee for approval to install six (yes six) sensor lights for two single car park spaces. We’re informed that each car space needs two floodlights which is laughable as you can barely fit a medium car into it. Then we are informed we need a third set of twin floodlights to light the central area in front of the cars – these new lights are to be fitted less than 1 metre away from the current garage lighting which stays on all night.

Gee Mr Electrician, how stupid do you think I am? The installation cost is reasonable but six floodlights is a bit of an over-kill. And it’s hardly contributing towards lowering our carbon footprint on this Earth.  ggrrrrr!


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