the motivation is waning

Well the motivation is officially waning and I am down to counting weekends: that is counting the number of weekends until I am free of study forever. The meter has been set at 13 (about three months – YAY!!) and reaching zero will be good, very very good.

The decision to start studying was made in February 2010 and since then I have only had a handful of study free weekends.  A handful of weekends that did not include textbooks, business jargon, course material, googling definitions and examples, and online conversations with strangers (other students).

It’s my final push and I am completing two papers this semester. It is a challenge to find 25 study hours per week on top of holding down a full-time job but it will be worth it in the end.

Then the only decision will be what to do next – I’m thinking more bridge and maybe learning how to play bowls.


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