the value of giving

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give

I read this Ben Carson quote on Pinterest and realised just this morning how true that is. I recently finished reading an Amazon  ebook after seeing it on KindleObsessed’s facebook page. The book was not by a famous author – you know the ones who’s names you know but you couldn’t pick them out in a line-up. This book was by a new author, an author who has a talent for adventure writing, and an author with determination and the drive to realise her goal to produce the other books in her series.

But what really rocked my world was an email from her. At the end of her book she had nicely requested that readers review her book on Amazon. So I did and much to my surprise she emailled me back thanking me for the review. As a writer the reviews she receives is a huge source of motivation. She has other challenges happening in her family life, but a few kind words from a stranger has put a smile on her face.

So the knowledge that a little kindness has made someone else happy, has made me happy as well. But St Francis of Assisi puts it more eloquently ‘for it is in the giving that we receive’.


One Response to the value of giving

  1. Damn right. As writer’s it’ the feedback that we really relish in, because it can help us shape our work and future works to the readers. Some of us take feedback well… others not so much. But when someone turns around and tells us they enjoyed our work – that is absolutely golden. It’s a huge motivator for us to keep writing. Good on you for writing a review. You probably really made that author’s day.

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