do those pills work

My next birthday will be one of those major ones – you know, one that ends in a zero but has another number in front of it. Reaching birthday milestones has never really phased me, and anyway, age should not define a person.

However saying that, age related health matters are starting to become more important for me. Probably more so because I recently spent the day sitting on the floor making cards and was not able to stand cos my knees had seized up. I’m not fanatical about popping pills (“health supplements”) but I do take simple precautions like calcium and EPO to keep my bones and me balanced and on an even keel.

Glucosamine is the latest healthy push I have been reading up about. It’s touted as ‘being as good as pain relief with some symptoms associated with osteoarthritis …’ You have to love the rider’s in that half a sentence.

But regardless, doing something is better than doing nothing. So after two weeks of not walking because of my sore dumb ankle, if taking some glucosamine every day will keep ‘normal joint function’ in my twilight years, then I’ll happily start popping another pill each day.


One Response to do those pills work

  1. Everything in moderation, petal! It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

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