battle of the cords

It is probably my obsessive-compulsive personality emerging but I’m having a battle – a battle with the cords. Not so long ago, I went to use my TomTom only to find it was dead flat. Apart from trying to work out how an appliance’s battery can go flat when it’s not even turned on, the bigger problem was that I could not find its cord for recharging. I up-ended my IT-stuff box and emptied my junk drawer in the kitchen and still could not find the right adapter and cord.

After much frustration I eventually found its USB connection cord and what I later identified as the cigarette charger adapter thingie. My TomTom is charged now but I am still left with the problem of how to organise all the cords. I have oodles of cords: digital camera, old mobile phone, new mobile phone, Kindle, iPod, pocket wifi, TomTom and it’s always pot luck trying to work out what cord fits each device.

So in the interests of my sanity I decided that my cords need to be named. The internet gave me several options: bread bag tags, dymo label machine and bull dog clips. I think I will give the label machine a try.


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