do you want s’more

I’ve been quite puzzled lately because I’ve read two novels by different authors and have come across multiple references to a s’more.  It was even on Pinterest. In each case these s’mores were being eaten at a beach BBQ or while camping.

Because I was so clueless I tracked it down on the internet. They are a sweet, messy dessert treat devoured by kids young and old. Their name comes from the phrase “can I have some more“. While there are many recipes on offer, they all come with the same three ingredients:  two sweet plain biscuits, chocolate, and marshmellows.

You then use these to make a sandwich. Place your chocoate onto one biscuit, toast your marshmellow(s) over the bbq or campfire then slide off onto the chocolate. Top with the second biscuit and there you have your s’more. The toasted marshmellow melts the chocolate and you’re left with a googy, messy, sugar hit. It must be an American thing because I never had one during any of my childhood camping trips but the Girl Scouts knew all about it apparently 🙂

One Response to do you want s’more

  1. Sue DeVries says:

    yes… it is an American thing. We had them when I was a little girl scout type over an outdoor campfire.

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