indulging in craft

It’s one of my rare study-free weekends so I can indulge myself in one of my favourite hobbies – making cards. Sure my lounge floor may end up looking like a bomb site but the results are worth it … well I think so anyway.

I have several drawers full of paper, embellishments, stickers, card, sparkley things, ribbon, punches and of course my trusty super-sharp scalpel. I used to go for uniformity and straightness but these days I just create whatever comes into my head when I pick up a blank new card.

Spotlight is one of my favourite shops but since shifting to Australia I have discovered Lincraft. Equally brilliant and packed full of things that crafty people love. My cupboard is already well stocked with bits and pieces so try to set myself a dollar limit before I walk in the door. I wish I could say I stay within that limit, but I usually don’t. On the flip side, others get to enjoy my creations and that’s more important to me than any dollar budget.

Click here if you want to have a look at today’s creations.


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