a community united

I stumbled across this earlier in the week when I was catching up on the news and I think it is worth sharing.

The Canterbury region has been at the mercy of Mother Nature for nearly two years now and have suffered through countless earthquakes and aftershocks since the major quake of 4 September 2010.  But despite everything, a small group of people in a little town called Lyttelton have come together to create something enduring and positive for their community.  Cooperative businesses are not new but they think it’s the first of its kind in the grocery trade.

I’ve shopped in a few craft-type cooperative businesses and I have always been impressed and inspired by the creative products they have available to buy.  So I wish this new organic grocery business in Lyttelton every success.  Personally I think NZ$365 is great value for money and if something similar came to my local suburb, I would definitely want to be involved. But for now I must settle with supporting my local farmers market. It may not be a co-op but it gives me the ability to support small business owners.

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