six weeks to OMG

Yeah right. I read a review of this book so I thought I’d download it to my Kindle for my train-trip reading pleasure. Now I am fairly broad-minded but some of the things the author tells me to do are a little eyebrow raising.

I’m not even half way through the book and so far each morning I have to take a cold bath submerging myself for about 15 minutes, drink black coffee with no sweetener (real or artificial) and then exercise for between 30 to 60 minutes.  You would think by this time I could eat breakfast but no, the first meal of the day cannot happen until midday… are you kidding me? But it gets better – if I blow up balloons every day (standing up mind you!) my stomach will get flatter.

Apparently all these things send the right messages to one’s body and tells it burn stored energy (a.k.a. fat). Thank goodness I did not pay very much for this eBook! If it had been a paperback, I’d be lamenting my wasteful extravagance. But I suppose these books must hit a target market somewhere… but really – cold baths each morning?  I live for my hot shower after my early morning walk.


2 Responses to six weeks to OMG

  1. Anna says:

    Hi, I to was a little skeptical but downloaded it (because it was so cheap) to see what all the fuss was about. I checked out his research and weighed up which of his techniques I was prepared to commit to. I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed by the results! I currently don’t have a bath so cold shower instead (it aint always easy, I also love roasting hot showers and that lobster look, but for someone like me who hasn’t been a dedicated gym bunny it seemed way easier than heaps of exercise!) – during the week of snow and if I’ve been unwell I don’t cold shower. Interestingly the weeks I don’t are the ones I lose the least amount of weight, considerably less at 500 – 700 gms less (reduced exercise when not well may have contributed also). I feel great, have more energy and love that I only need to monitor three meals a day not the 5-6 many healthy lifestyle programs advocate. So have I lost the 10 – 20 pounds? I have lost 11 pounds (5kgs), and haven’t been following his techniques to the letter, in six weeks. Am I happy and enjoying it? Yeah I am now that my body has adjusted to the reduced carb intake. I’m loving the richness of full fat greek yoghurt! I’m going to keep it up and when I reach my goal I’ll reduce the weightless techniques and just carry on with the (essentially) low GI lifestyle 🙂

    • kiwiflossnz says:

      Wow, that’s awesome Anna – what great results. You deserve to feel very proud of your achievements so far 🙂 I too enjoy the low-carb lifestyle. My downfall used to be toast but not owning a toaster gets around that particular craving.

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