how places shrink

I was catching up on the news of some old school friends on Facebook and someone mentioned my first school. What you call them will depend on where you grew up – elementary school, primary school, grade school. Me? Well I went to a primary school and the older I get the smaller the school seems to become.

Once upon a (very long) time ago I thought my primary school was the biggest in town. Even today I can still remember thinking how big the school grounds were. Two massive expanses of lawn – the front grounds and the sports grounds behind the classrooms. But now, each time I drive or walk past it, they seem so much smaller than when I was young.

Perhaps it was because I was young and everything in the world seemed so big. Even my high school grounds seem smaller. Now I look at them and laugh at how foolish I was to think the teachers would never catch us smoking out the back paddock.


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