me and chilling out

Unfortunately I am not one of those people who can just chill out when I am stressed. I have two ways of coping when I am stressed, frustrated, or just plain angry.

My preferred method is to walk it off but that’s not always possible. It’s not always possible to just walk away from one of those situations. So failing that, I clean. It is great for working out my frustrations and I get the added bonus of having a clean house [or work desk] at the end of it.

Take last weekend as a prime example – I had to take my frustrations out on my shower walls – well it was either that or send an inappropriate email to someone. I’m a redhead and unfortunately I have the temperament that goes with being a true redhead. 99 per cent of the time I keep a firm lid on it but sometimes it sneaks out. It’s at times like that, the only thing I can/must do is to walk away, literally and figuratively – be it the phone, computer, or the person.


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