a learning curve

I’m currently working through the Applied Computing paper as part of my journey towards completing my NZDipBus and this one is definitely a learning curve for me.

To start with our second assignment (which is worth 50 per cent of my final mark) is to design a multi-user database using Microsoft Access 2010. It has been quite a few years since I’ve been this close and intimate with MS Access but its coming back to me slowly. It’s proving to be lots of fun and ‘playing around’ with computer software does not feel like study to me.

The other part of the learning curve is having to get my head around the fact that this 50 per-cent’er assignment is a team based assignment. So my team has a major impact on how well I do with this assignment and my final mark for this paper. We three get on well and have made a great start with our project assignment. We give and take encouragement from each other as we are all facing the same challenges. But I am confident and I know we have a really great team and we are going to blitz this assignment!


One Response to a learning curve

  1. You will definitely pass, but I can feel your apprehension with being unfamiliar with the software, and also having to work in a team. It’s all a bit scary! 🙂 All the best, petal.

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