I have been living in Australia for three months, two weeks and three days and I am still as disorientated as ever.

I shifted into my new unit in the weekend and I now catch the train from a different train station. I’m told public transport here is idiot-proof and they even have digital screens that tell you when the next trains are leaving and from what platform. Unfortunately on the first day I did not see that there are two screens – one for inbound / City stops and one for outbound / Northern suburbs. Thank goodness I just followed everyone else and managed to get on the right train *phew*.

Worse than that is every day my train arrives from the opposite direction to what I expect, and every day my stomach does a small lurch while my brain catches up and works out I am actually going in the right direction.

Driving around in my car is marginally better – I can now find the local supermarket, two big shopping malls and the Sunday morning farmers market. But you could put me outside and I still could not tell you what direction the beach is in, or where I live. Despite all of this, every day is an adventure and I get to learn something new.


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