being happy in your work

I was reminded the other day of how refreshing it is to meet people that are happy in their work. In this case it was a mature-aged Australian bloke and a mid-twenties Londoner. They are part of the maintenance team at work and they had been dispatched to fix one of my broken chairs.

It turned out that the chair was not actually broken, but I got an enjoyable five minute break from my keyboard. Mr London seemed to respect Mr Brisbane, despite the fact that Mr Brisbane made Mr London do all the work. Mr Brisbane just sat on the floor and gave me the 50 question treatment. Why I had decided to shift here? Did I know anybody in Christchurch? How long had I been here for? Once that was done, he then proceeded to give me a history lesson on floods and other natural disasters Australia has experienced.

It was not so much the topic of conversation but the fact that they were willing to kick back and chat for five minutes before they disappeared off to their next job. There was a lot of banter between Mr Australia and Mr London, but it was all good-natured and it made me smile. Just think how much more enjoyable the working week would be if there were more Mr Brisbanes and Mr Londons.


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