bagging a bargain

Today I did the first of two big grocery shops before I move into my new house. I went to my local Aldi store and walked out with lots of cans, packets and bottles. Some people would not admit to shopping at a discounted grocery outlet but I’m happy to bag a bargain and am not concerned with the name of the shop.

They certainly don’t stock everything but Aldi did have quite a few of the basics. I’ve never heard of the brand but surely the contents of a $1.89 bottle of Spray n Wipe will be similar to its supermarket chain counterpart at $4.99. After all, they’ll both get dirty surfaces clean — surely? But I will have to visit one of the bigger supermarkets to buy the essentials: herbs, spices, baking products, and those speciality delights that we all love to eat.

It’s very exciting getting ready to play house again. A painter must have the same feelings of excitement when they stand with their brush in front of a blank canvas. Except my blank canvas is my new unit. I get to pick the colour schemes, place the furniture, hang the pictures, and organise the cupboards. And one must not forget the other grown up task associated with playing house — paying the mortgage.


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