early bird or night owl

Well life has turned me into an early bird, albeit an uncommunicative one. My routine starts with daily exercise before the sun rises at 5.30am. Its only me and my iPod so luckily I don’t have to talk to anyone at that hour of the day. Once that’s done, it’s home to get ready for work and then out the door again to catch the train.

I think I’ve always done my best thinking in the morning. Often if there are things running around in my head during the night, so I just get up and turn on the laptop. Staring at the ceiling and knowing sleep is a million miles away is not my idea of fun. Better just to get up and deal with whatever is bothering me.

Take this morning as an example. I was up extra early as I’m trying to work out what household purchases I need to make for my new apartment. Now I have a list of the items I need, and what they are going to cost.

Hopefully that will mean a trouble-free sleep tonight.


One Response to early bird or night owl

  1. mbcoudal says:

    Good for you on working out and waking early! Like you, I believe I sleep better when I exercise and write… Hope you enjoy a good night sleep tonite.

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