good news anyone?

News, there is no escaping it. We read it in newspapers, watch it on TV, and surf it on the net.  But the worse thing these days is the complete lack of good news reported. It is all negative and unpalatable. Some days I don’t even bother reading the news online because all I’m faced with is bombs, riots, murders, or natural disasters – all of which just showcase human suffering and tragedy.

Why can’t we get to read about happy things? Good stories that celebrate the positive things that happen to people and provide recognition of good people and the good deeds they do. One of the news channels I used to watch did a “Good Sorts” article once a week. It was nice to see the community-spirited work some people do. It was just a shame that a) the news clip was only once a week and b) it only lasted about two minutes.

I know tragedy, disasters and violence sells newspapers; but surely some happy, warm fuzzy news reporting would sell even more?


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