finding a bank

It’s so much easier to get things done when you find an organisation that knows the meaning of customer service. In this case it was banking; and the service difference between New Zealand and their Australian owners.

Late last year when I was planning my move to Australia bank account & credit card was on my to-do list. I had rung XYZ bank and after listening to “press 1 for this”, “press 2 for that”, “3 for whatever”, I eventually found a person to talk to — only to be told they couldn’t help and I would have to wait until I got to Australia. Gee thanks for being so helpful — not! But I don’t give up that easily so I found their website, emailed them and within 48 hours my accounts were open. Snail mail arrived two weeks later but as we conducted all of the application process via email, the slow snail mail was of no consequence.

So thank you XYZ – your kiwi counterparts should take a leaf out of your book and learn the meaning of customer service. Now I’m about to buy an apartment here so I definitely know which bank will be my first port of call.


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