introvert vs extrovert

Powered by Plinkyeeek… the dreaded introvert or extrovert question. For me I can be at either end of the scale, it just depends on the situation.

Put me into the work environment and I am fine. Whether it is a meeting, networking or a celebratory function, I can interact and mix ‘n mingle with everyone. It doesn’t matter whether they are the office delivery person or the CEO, I will happily spend time with them talking and finding out what makes them tick.

Socially I don’t find it quite so easy. After the initial fight/flight thought of “oh dear I don’t know a soul in this room”, I usually single out a friendly looking person and strike up a conversation. Once I am over the first hurdle (a.k.a. person) I am fine and will chit-chat to anyone and everyone.

Its been over ten years since I’ve sat a Myers Briggs personality type questionnaire. Back then I was a definite ISTJ – no hovering around in the middle of each scale – either one end or another. I think I might sit it again now and see how much (if any) I have changed.


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