nike, apple or both

I have been preoccupied with apples lately – not the red, crispy variety but the challenge someone gave me to find out what the i in iPhone represents. Now I am a Bill Gates fan but I admit that Apple do some app’s really well. But back to the i… most online forum discussions agreed that it represented  ‘internet’. Not so because I dug a bit deeper and in a 1998 presentation Steve Jobs gave, the i actually represents: Internet; Individual; Instruct; Inform & Inspire.

And while I was wandering around the internet I found a new toy. It will satisfy my love of Nike, exercise and wellbeing, and of course cool little techy toys. The Nike + iPod Sports kit. A wireless sensor goes into a holder on your runners and the receiver plugs into your iPod – then off you go. Fancy new iPhones and iPods don’t need a receiver, and if you don’t have either you can buy a wrist band that acts as the receiver.

Now I just have to decide whether it is a want or a need.


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  1. […] six months or so. They support my feet well and they are comfortable. I recently came across a new toy  but had put it in the ‘want’ not ‘need’ category. But I changed my mind because of a simple […]

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