I tried out a new hairdresser today, and I am relieved to say Sally is just as good as my lovely Chinese hairdresser back in NZ. And even better — she did not try to sell me any new hair products. You know the ones that end up gathering dust on a bathroom shelf.

But I did notice their array of shampoos and conditioners neatly lined up in the window. Shampoo — no matter where you live or the colour of your skin, most of us use it. What amuses me though, is the number of different brands to choose from. The rows of bottles in supermarkets is positively mind-boggling.

I had to buy some recently. I couldn’t find my usual one so I picked a brand that had nice packaging. It does the job and it’s organic. Their claim is it does not contain parabens, petrochemicals and other acronyms I don’t recognise. The pièce de résistance is its #7 compostable (but not recyclable) bottle. But it leaves me wondering what I do with the shiny plastic sleeve the bottle is wrapped in?


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