what will be different

My good friend reminded me that she does not believe in setting New Year resolutions, she sets goals. I’ve been musing on 2012 and what this new country has in store for me. On 20 December I effectively ended the chapter in the book called “My Life”, and packed my memories into 26 boxes which are now on a ship somewhere in the Tasman Sea.

New Zealand and Australia are geographically close and I’d always assumed things would be similar but they’re not. Politics, types of businesses, lobbying groups, employment opportunities, salary levels and associated benefits are all quite different. But it’s different other ways too. The sun rises early (4.57 this morning) so people do more at the start of the day then hide from the afternoon heat.

For the most part, people take more pride in their appearance. Shops are filled with pretty, feminine, light, floaty-type clothes and I’ve not had a glimpse of mood-dampening black and navy suits. Water — its availability and the use of is now something I am conscious of. And walking barefoot through long grass and leaves is definitely a thing of the past. I am still not sure what tops my shudder scale – spiders or snakes… :-S

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