farewell Aotearoa

I’m sitting here musing on the fact that in 48 hours I will be on a plane bound for Brisbane to start the next adventure in my life.  My pantry is empty and all I have in my fridge are a few sticks of celery, half a can of tuna, a bit of hot chilli sauce, a wedge of cheese, half a carrot, and one tomato.  I’m going to have to get seriously creative for my last supper tonight. Thank goodness I have enough for one glass of wine if I drink it real slow.

Will I ever come back? Not in the foreseeable future anyway, not least because I threw out / gave away my entire winter wardrobe and more than 50 per cent of my summer wardrobe. Synthetics, I am told “are not particularly comfortable for a humid, subtropical climate.”

It’s quite a surreal feeling knowing I am doing things here for the last time. I had my last day at work on Friday and yes there were a few tears when I left. I had my last walk this morning around the harbour accompanied with a brisk Wellington southerly. No visit to the market today for my week’s supply of fruit and veges, I’ll have to make do with a kiwifruit and mandarin. Oh well, c’est la vie… roll on Tuesday.

Merry Christmas all and see you in the New Year.


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