declining the battle

There was a bit of an ‘oops’ moment with the marketing of my property a few weeks back. My nice flash advertisement in the weekly property publication had my apartment number listed incorrectly. It’s not a big deal because the text was quite small, but it was unfortunate because I live in D. C is the apartment next door which is also up for sale (privately).

Some thought this was unprofessional and urged me to take it further but I didn’t. Selling real estate is stressful enough without choosing to add to that stress. Starting a battle with my new agent would have been a waste of my energy and hers! I figured the more time we spent fighting about one little letter, the less time she’d have to find me a buyer with oodles of money.

I’m convinced tolerance must improve with age because once upon a time I would not have shrugged this off quite so easily.


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